Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4 days!!

So I leave in 4 days and, needless to say, I am getting extremely overwhelmed and my anxiety is at an all-time high. I think it is finally starting to hit me the journey that I am about to embark on, and I am feeling all anxiety, excitement and anticipation. Can I get there already? My thing is, what if I forget to pack stuff? I really don't need much, but knowing me I'll pack all the wrong things. What if I get homesick, or actually sick? What if I get bad migranes (per usual) on the 26 hour flight? I just want to get there, get settled in to my room with my roommate Katie and the other 8 amazing girls going, and then get accustomed to my new living environment!!
I am starting to pack which is increasing my anxiety, but moreso, increasing my anticipation!! There is so much I want to get for my class, but I can only pack so much. I plan on buying so much more when I get there, but between me and Katie, I think our class will be pretty loaded! It's just so hard trying to plan for 100 students, especially since I have never taught before, let alone to 100 children who don't speak English. Regardless, it is all going to be so amazing and our class is going to be so spoiled. I'm determined to make sure each one of my students begin and end each day with huge smiles on their faces and huge excitement for their future. :)

 I just want to meet my children and spoil them!!

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