Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 2 Continued..

This morning we woke up at 7:45 am, packed up our rooms and loaded our luggage to head to Zomba! I got bread at breakfast and made a PB, J and banana sandwich for the long ride.  Everyone was extremely hungover so it was quite a funny site this morning.   Before we left, Peter brought “Q” to the lodge where he sold his poetry books and took pictures with us.  He said this was his first book signing and it really made me tear up. You could tell he was so excited and hopeful and he had the biggest smile on his face while signing the books.  We then rode about 2.5 hours to Dedza which was the most beautiful place I have seen thusfar!  It was a small restaurant and pottery place, surrounded by mountains, clear skies and beautiful flowers everywhere.  We finally got to order food besides chicken, so we enjoyed grilled cheeses and pizza and then headed back to the bus for the continued six hour drive to Annie’s Lodge in Zomba.  After stopping in a market, and being stopped twice by officials, we finally arrived at the Lodge at 7:30 pm and were all very pleasantly surprised. 
The Lodge here is absolutely beautiful; completely different and legitimately 10 times the size of the Annie’s Lodge in Lilongwe.  There are 3 levels up the hill of rooms, there is a conference room, a restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, and the most beautiful views of the Egyptian/ African ridge.  Once we arrived, since it was pitch black and we couldn’t walk around, we brought our luggage to our rooms, and headed to the restaurant.  The menu is almost completely American, which was a huge sigh of relief because I don’t think I can eat chicken and rice for at least another week.  I ordered macaroni Bolognese which was very good, and then me and Katie headed back to our room to unpack.  We each have our own bed and storage closet, and the “party shower” could hold at least 7 or 8 people.  We made the small coffee table into our “snack bar” with all the collection of food we brought and we used half of our closets for school supply storage. 
Completely ready to take a nice, warm shower and go to bed, we learned that our hot water was broken.  Then, while trying to access the Internet, we blew a fuse and temporarily broke our converter.   After hours of failed use with the Internet, everyone realized that we might be without Facebook and email for the next three weeks, which is kind of terrifying.  Oops. Ready to finally go to sleep, I realized that I bought the wrong batteries for my alarm clock so we had to ask the other girls to wake us up in the morning.  All in all, it has been an extremely long day but I am so happy to finally be in Zomba!
Tomorrow we will be touring all three schools in Domasi and then choosing which teacher we want to work with, and in two days we will be assigned and teaching our new classroom!  Hopefully we will have working Internet tomorrow so I can update my blog and upload the hundreds of pictures.  Peace, love, Malawi.

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