Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Fridayyyyy!

Friday, June 24:
            Today was a great ending to the week, but nothing out of the ordinary happened! My seven little boys have become part of my daily routine now, with the whole walking with me to the bus and being my little posse haha!  Today, Katie and I taught the human body and I think that was a really great lesson because they really didn’t know as much as we thought they did.  We asked for a volunteer and then we body traced him on big chart paper that we glued together.  The kids all thought it was a riot and then we hung up the body tracing on the chalkboard and went through labeling body parts.  Then, we took the picture down and handed out worksheets to see what they remembered.  They all got eyes and ears confused, and they really had problems spelling most of the words.  That took about an hour, and then we graded the worksheets and handed out puzzles.  The kids all broke into groups of about 20, and they were really confused, yet fascinated, by the concept of the puzzles.  They had never seen them before, and it took awhile for them to catch one.  It took about 45 minutes for them to actually put the 50-piece puzzles together, but once they did they were so proud of themselves and it was really great to see!  Even the teacher had never seen puzzles before and she said it was a great thing for them to do.  While they were working on the puzzles, Katie discretely called out students 2 by 2 to take their picture outside so that next week we can make their “passports”.  Of course, once the word got out that she was taking pictures, it was nearly impossible to contain them from all running in front of the camera.  I think it worked though, and they’ll love seeing pictures of themselves.
            When school was over, my little posse walked me over to the school where we were getting picked up and I gave them bags of sunchips and a juice.  More kids followed us today, however, so they literally got like one chip each but they seemed happy.  We then all loaded onto the bus and went downtown, where the Tech girls all got fabric and Dr. Kelly is going to have sashes made for us for graduation! That made me really excited because the fabric is so unique and definitely Malawian, and it’s a way to secure us girls will all remain friends during out senior year.  Katie, Ashley and I also bought fabric and plan on getting bags made, which I hope, will turn out really cute.  Us girls all finally had dinner together tonight, since we’ve been making our own food for the past week, and I seriously love every girl here! We then decided to crash Dr. Kelly’s room and talked to her for a good hour while we were all in our pj’s.  She cracks me up! The conversation actually almost entirely revolved around me and my Alldredge stories, but I enjoyed sharing them although I didn’t give them the really personal details but hopefully that’ll come with time.  Anyways, tomorrow we are going to Mt. Mulanje, the third highest peak in all of Africa! It is about a 3-hour ride there, but will be completely worth it.  I am so excited for the fresh air, exercise and beautiful pictures.  That’s all for now, Peace, Love, Malawi.

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