Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 2

Wednesday, June 15:
Last night was amazing! We all got ready in the dark which was definitely unfortunate, but it was nice being able to get somewhat dressed up and we were all so thankful that Peter had planned this for us.  We all piled into the bus at 6:30, so it was already pitch-black and nobody had any idea where we were going.  We drove for about 30 minutes and were drinking in the car before we pulled up to Kumbali, a lodge and entertainment center where Madonna stays when she comes and visits with her children!  Some of the staff had met her and there were pictures of her, but we didn’t go over to the actual lodge to see what room she stays in.  We all got drinks and watched the small little band, and then ate a buffet dinner, consisting of chicken, beans and rice. Per usual.  Afterwards, continuing to drink, we listened to a truly inspiring poetry reading by “Q”.  His two poems were both truly incredible and so moving.  He is so talented and some people were even tearing up. We all gave him a standing ovation and I know he felt so proud. 
Still continuing to drink, we then watched the tribal ceremony which was so amazing.  The men all played the drums while the women did the tribal dances.  I, after a few drinks, decided to just walk up and start dancing with them, and before we knew it we were all up there learning the dances with the women.  After another hour of the tribal dances, Peter put in an ipod and we had a dance party for the next couple of hours.  The night consisted of people passed out in the woods, Dr. Kelly shaking her groove-thing, and a few of the girls locking lips with the Canadian travelers, Ha!  We left at 12:30 am, and on the bus ride back to Annie’s Lodge we had an outburst of singing, well screaming, at the top of our lungs lyrics to random old songs.  Yes, we busted out Backstreet Boys, Jackson 5, Spice Girls, you know all the classics.  We got home at about 1 am and pretty much all went straight to bed, but it was a ridiculously fun and successful night. I love everyone here and the Radford girls and boys from UN A&T and Radford are all so much fun.  Us Tech girls are all getting super close which makes me really, and I know I will leave here with lifelong friends.

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